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Weight loss is always portrayed to be so easy. It’s not. We all have a different idea when the word ‘weight loss’ is mentioned. For some, it could be running every morning. For others, it could mean going on a strict diet. As good as both of those options are, they aren’t the easiest to achieve.

For years, I thought the only way to lose weight was to really push myself. Walk 10,000 steps a day & cut out all carbs & sugar. After struggling while doing this, I gave up.

I have now lost 33 pounds in the space…

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Breakups aren’t always easy, moving on can seem almost impossible. Luckily, we have a quick solution to this. Music. I’m sure we all have words that we’re unable to say, lyrics help us with this. Relating to a song can make you feel less alone & ready to move on.

Music is the strongest form of magic. — Marilyn Manson

Whether you’re listening to an upbeat pop song, unwinding to some classical, or dancing to some hip hop — music has a great influence. It can impact our lives in an amazing way. …

Few gentle reminders you’ll need to remember.

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We all have bad days. We are only human. Life can move so fast that our mind can’t keep up. No matter how optimistic you are, you’ll sometimes lose your train of thought. If you’re finding yourself feeling unmotivated, hopeless & sluggish — Here are a few gentle reminders you’ll need to remember.

1. It’s a Bad Day, Not a Bad Life.

It’s easy to get caught up in the struggles of life, but one bad day doesn't equal a bad eternity. We all have the power to grow, to forgive & to love. …

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We’ve all heard advice from other parents, and while it meant well, we have never heard it from a ‘qualified’ teenager — like me. I’m 17 years old, a high school dropout, a bundle of anxiety & a young girl with raging hormones—the beauty of teenagehood. The truth is, we are born into a completely new generation. We were introduced to things at a much younger age. Here is a list of a few things your teen may be up to, why they’re behaving like this & how to approach the situation.

We don’t do this because we don’t want…

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As human beings, it's easy to compare ourselves with the people surrounding us. She just got a new well paying job, he just bought a new house & she just got married. Good for them! With all the amazing things happening to people around us, as happy as we feel for them — it can bring out a little bit of envy on our part. Let us take a step back, let's see it as a metaphor. …

Gloria Atkinson

17 & Upcoming freelancer in Photography, Film & Writing.

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